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Business Sectors

Environmental Technology


The Fifth Estate is skilled at addressing the practical challenges posed by the intersection of the natural environment and business. In particular we are experienced at developing and deploying specific environmental technology solutions.


Our experience:


  • Water supply quality, including remote monitoring

  • Recycled water and desalination projects

  • Biofuel selection and processing

  • Landscape rehydration and irrigation technology

  • Aquifer mapping and groundwater resources

  • Management of pollutants associated with industrial facilities, and

  • Problem-solving to enhance regulatory certainty involving emissions and other pollutants.


Our key competencies:


  • Major project strategy

  • Regional development

  • Managing research & development

  • Investment facilitation

  • Strategic planning

  • Business feasibility





  • Statutory approvals
  • Policy development
  • Government relations
  • Contract negotiation
  • Community consultation and engagement, and
  • Media and public relations
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