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Energy and Climate


The Fifth Estate has deep understanding of emissions trading and carbon markets and their implications for business.


The world's new carbon-consciousness has brought challenges and opportunities to business. It is imperative for business to understand the myriad of government policies and market instruments governing emissions trading, renewable energy certificates and energy productivity.


The Fifth Estate is active in advocacy for modern energy policies at state and federal government levels.


Our experience:


  • Observed first-hand the operation of emissions trading policies in Europe and elsewhere

  • Provided policy input into the emerging Australian schemes

  • Assisted clients to strategise, scope and implement clean energy projects

  • Negotiated with government and regulators to avoid unintended consequences of proposed Australian schemes


Our key competencies:


  • Assess business strengths and weaknesses

  • Develop whole-of-business strategies to ensure continued robustness in a carbon constrained future

  • Biofuels and waste utilisation

  • Boiler technology and selection

  • Financing

  • Regulatory approvals




Visy Clean Energy

International Energy Agency 


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